At Inga’s Popcorn we make every item from scratch, using nothing less than high-quality ingredients. We even use Certified Organic Popcorn (grown in Indiana) in all of our treats.  And after just one bite, you’ll understand why our customers keep coming back for more of our fresh popped treats.

Inga’s Birthday Cake with Icing

Celebrate your birthday any day with this blond caramel popcorn mixed with colorful sprinkles and then drizzled with an icing flavored with cake mix; our only flavor that contains gluten.   

Inga’s Classic Caramel

I used Grandma’s recipe for this flavor. So sweet and buttery the nuggets will melt in your mouth…really!

Inga’s Caramel with Pecans

A heavier caramel coating with large chunks of Georgia pecans makes this a sinful treat.

Inga’s  Mmmmm…Bacon Caramel

Not just for breakfast anymore, bacon bits join the Classic Caramel in a treat that can be enjoyed all day long.

Inga’s Classic Cheddar Cheese

Plenty of cheddar cheese to satisfy your taste buds.

Inga’s White Cheddar

A savory, cheesy, yummy, need-I-say-more treat. We start with organic white popcorn popped in pure coconut oil and then add the cheese. (It won’t stain your fingers and lips either.)

Inga’s White Volcano

Habanero, ghost pepper and red pepper stirred into the white cheddar for those fearless who like to feel the burn.

Inga’s “Dilly”licious

Not sweet or cheesy, this savory dill has a hint of garlic and just a touch of the pickle. Perfect with your favorite beverage.

Inga’s Classic Cheddar with Jalapeno

A favorite flavor of those who love their cheese with a kick.

Inga’s Sweet N Cheesy

Formerly named Chicago Mix, we combine Classic Caramel with Classic Cheddar to make a sweet and savory combo. Addictive!

Inga’s Snickerdoodle

A surprise creation, it is a cinnamon-caramel tossed with white popcorn popped in coconut oil…an OH SO SWEET treat!

Inga’s Cobblestone Crunch

A combo of Snickerdoodle and White Cheddar suggested by one of our customers in our Zionsville shop- another yummy sweet-savory combo.

Inga’s Caramel with Dark Chocolate (Seasonal)

Classic Caramel drizzled with dark chocolate

Inga’s Pumpkin Pie Spice (Seasonal)

The Classic Caramel flavored with pumpkin pie spices is a fall favorite available from Halloween through Christmas.

Inga’s Snowstorm (Seasonal)

The Classic Caramel drizzled with dark chocolate and white icing, one of our signature flavors. Inga has trouble keeping up with the demand for this decadent treat.

Inga’s Peanut Butter Crunch (Seasonal)

The Classic Caramel drizzled with dark chocolate and a peanut butter topping, a favorite of those choco-peanut butter folks.

Inga’s Red Hot Love with Icing (Seasonal)

A caramel flavored with cinnamon imperials makes this a fun treat for Valentine’s Day and the icing makes it irresistible.

Inga’s Peppermint Twist (Seasonal)

A caramel flavored with Starlight Mints and drizzled with dark chocolate- peppermint, chocolate and popcorn!

Inga’s Christmas Cookie (Seasonal)

Our Snickerdoodle drizzled with white chocolate reminds us of grandma’s cookies and makes a great party snack or hostess gift.


Seasonal flavors may be available year-round as special orders.

Please call for details 317-344-2000